Dr. Chi's Protocol

Using Herbal Formulas


Aging:  (Gray Hair, wrinkles). - Cordyceps, Chi Energy and Reishi


Arthritis/Osteoporosis: Mysoteo, Autocin, Calcium, Chi-F, Cordyceps, Chi Energy, Glucosaminesulfate, Chrondroitin Sulfate and MIT.


Cardiovascular System:  (Lack of Lunula, Red tip tongue). Asparagus, Vein Lite, Germanium 132, Choless, Hypertine and MIT.

Cholesterol/Triglyceride: Choless and Vein Lite.

Hypertension: (Pinkie has Lunula) Hypertine, Vein Lite and Cordyceps

Anemia:  Vein Lite and Chi-F


Cancer:  (Lack of lunula on fingers). Asparagus, Vein Lite, Germanium, Cordyceps, Reishi Spore, Maitaki, Revivin, AGG, Myomin, and MIT


Digestion:  (Crack in middle of tongue, Black lines on fingernails).  Asparagus, Digestron, Diabend and Cordyceps.

Hypoglycemia/Diabetes:  Diabend, Digestron, Asparagus and Cordyceps.


Eye:  (Cataracts).  Chi-X, Vein Lite, and Germanium 132.


Hair:  Lily Hair Tonic, Vein Lite, Cordyceps, Chi Energy, and Chi-F.


Heavy Metal Chelation:  (Blue Veins on bottom of tongue).  Asparagus, Vein Lite and Cordyceps.


Hormone:  Chi-F, Vein Lite, Ovuscope, Nature-HRT, Myomin, SXD, Chi Energy, and Cordyceps.

Prostate:  Asparagus, Cordyceps, Kidney Chi, Chi Energy, and AGG.

Fibroid Cyst:  Myomin and Vein Lite.


Intestine or Colon:  (Frenula cyst under lip). Asparagus, CFC and Liver Chi.


Kidney:  (White spots on nails, black on top rear of tongue).  Asparagus, Cordyceps, Kidney Chi, Bathdetox and MIT.

Frequent Urination:  Kidney Chi and Night-Dry.

Urine Protein: Asparagus, Kidney Chi, Cordyceps and Reishi Spore,

Kidney Stone: Asparagus and Kidney Chi


Liver:  (Blue veins like a tree under the tongue, Black lines on nails tip).  Liver Chi, and Chi F.


Lung:  (Abnormal marks on side of tongue near front).  Cordyceps, Sinus Chi, Chi Energy, Liver Chi, Asparagus, Vein Lite, Reishi Spore, Bamboo, Synergen, Stopsmo, AGG and MIT.

Emphysema: Chi Energy, Cordyceps, Vein Lite, and MIT.

Allergy:  Sinus Chi, AFF, Synergen, and Autocin.

Asthma:  Cordyceps and Synergen.

Chronic Bronchitis:  Cordyceps, Synergen and Reishi Spore.


Skin:  Whole Skin, Happy Skin Tonic, Rainskin, AFF, and Autocin.


Teeth:  Magnetic Toothbrush


Thyroid:  (Index finger is longer than ring finger).

Hypothyroidism: Pro Metabolic.

Hyperthyroidism:  Chi-F and Digestron.

Thyroid Cyst:  Myomin.

Weight Gain:  Slender All, Pro Metabolic, Digestron, Diabend and Asparagus.


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